Confirmation on Diana, please?

Bubba Rom Dos bubba at dev.null
Sun Aug 31 05:16:41 PDT 1997

bureau42 Anonymous Remailer wrote:
> Are there any Cypherpunks mailing list members who can confirm that
> there was a series of posts related to Princess Diana's death in the
> days before the event? I am particularly interested in information as
> to whether Cypherpunks were in any way responsible for a slight delay
> in the timing of her death.

 Actually, her death was meant as a message to the cypherpunk paparazzi.
Unlike the good little soldiers who come at the beck and call of the
rich and powerful, and who sit and stay like good little puppies when
told to do so, the cypherpunk paparazzi resisted being herded about in
the interests of others, accepting scraps from the table of benificent
  Once Diana started becoming a strong, self-directed person, she became
a threat to those who pull the strings of everyone connected to the
House of Windsor. Her recent moves into the political arena, under the
influence of a rich sandnigger who was buying up all of the good votes
in British Parliament, made her very, very expendable.

> I am particularly interested in communicating with the person who sent
> me the anonymous messages between 8/24/97 and 8/30/97 using the nym
> "A'Tak A'Tdorn'.

  You mean the aneurism for "Attack at Dawn-D.Thorn?"
> If you have information and an interest in sharing it, please send a
> post to the Cypherpunks list or the fight-censorship list, indicating
> such. If you wish for me to contact you through a neutral, third party,
> indicate that as well.

  Just tell Louis Freeh you want my unlisted number.

  Why are you fishing for information that is freely available to
anyone with access to a clue-server?
  A liability has now become an asset, at the same time drawing fire
on Rupert Murdoch, sending a message to the off-white trash inundating
England, and opening up an opportunity for those in power to stomp some
human rights into the ground while claiming support for 'privacy.'
  Prince Charles is now free to marry, without having an unroyalized
'ex' to whom his new bride would pale by comparison. You can't have a
loose cannon ex-Princess running about being mother to the heirs to the
throne (which would make Prince Charle's next wife an usurping slut who
hadn't bourne the Royal children).
  Now Prince Charles is free to find the 'right' woman--one who will
understand that her role is to play the docile, anal-retentive spouse
while Chucke gets his nut with his ex-stripper girlfriends. Now Prince
Chuck is free to become King Chuck.

 I don't know who talked her into going along with the previous attempts 
on her life as "suicide attempts" in return for getting cut loose from
the Royal family, but I hope they are ashamed of themself. Once Diana
had allowed those 'rumors' to be dispelled, then she became a potential
target, once again. And once she was out of the reach of the people who
had been medicating her (in order to lend credence to the attempts to
have her perceived as mentally unstable), she was a danger.

  Count the number of times you hear the press unwittingly mention that
she died just when her life was coming together and her star was rising.
  When you are done counting, that is the number of reasons for why she 
had to die. Think about it.


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