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Sun Aug 31 12:28:11 PDT 1997

Pin Point Media, owners of Adult Patrol Age Verification System & Adult 
Web-Promotions are pleased to offer Free Pay Per Call Number with Pay outs
as high as .90 /minute U.S.

Here are our Current Services:


Number Type         Your Payout    Cost To Callers    Area Available
1-800 Live Gay       .90 /Minute    2.49 - 3.99 /Minute   U.S.A. Only
1-800 Live Female  .90 /Minute    2.49 - 3.99 /Minute   U.S.A. Only
****  Some 1-800 specialty numbers are also available **** 

011-232 Live       .20 /minute    Long Distance Only     Globally

All Pay outs are in U.S. Funds.

We are also please to announce that we now offer online Statistics 
Tracking for your number to assure that you are always abreast on 
how your numbers are doing.

Signup Online at:
Or Email: <Claudine>  Claudine at

Do you have a Product or Service that caters to Webmasters of Adult 
Orientated Sites ?

We have your promotions and visibility answers !

Our current Bulk mailing service offers a mailing to 18,000+ Adult 
Webmasters for only 450.00 U.S. per mailing.

We also offer huge discounts for Maintenance Accounts, where as we 
will complete all of your bulk mailing needs for one low monthly fee.  
Prices depend upon size and frequency of promotions. 

For more information on our services, email; 

<Tim>  admin at

or visit our information site at:

Who else pays you 7.00 Per sign up in your first 30 days and 6.00 per 
sign up there after with downline referral programs and only charges 
your clients 9.95 /year.

Don't you think your clients deserve the best possible pricing ?

Here is our complete Payout vs. Sign Up Fee Information:

Duration of Sign up | Your Payout | Cost to your Clients           
*First 30 days*

1 Year Signup          $   7.00          $  9.95
2 Year Signup          $ 11.00          $ 15.95
Lifetime Signup        $ 28.00          $ 39.95

*After 30 days*

1 Year Signup          $  6.00          $   9.95
2 Year Signup          $  9.00          $ 15.95
Lifetime Signup        $ 24.00         $ 39.95

Compare for yourself ! Some other Verification Systems are surviving 
off a name alone. 

All that should really matter is how much your monthly check is and we 
think we'll 
be sending you more !

Give us a try for 30 days and judge for yourself.

Signup form is located at:

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