Fate of Jews in America (fwd)

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> August 29, 1997

The Moonies? 

I believe it was Gore Vidal who commented upon the curious incest between
religious and political right wing extremists and the Jews. In return for
the incorporation of the tenets of Zionism into extremist religious
philosophy, and a few billion dollars of aid each year, Jewish
intellectuals pretend there is nothing wrong with obvious nonsense, when
in fact they know better.

> The danger for Jews, oddly, is that in the
> foreseeable future they might be so well assimilated they become
> extinct. 

Extinction is a species concept.  Human beings, not human beings of Jewish
extraction or belief, are the species here.  Therefore Jews cannot become
"extinct," any more than people who like pretzels can become "extinct."

Certain memes passed down by self-identified practitioners of the Jewish
faith may become extinct, but that is another issue entirely. 

> .... . . . But the question isn't what other Americans would think of this
> kind of double allegiance, or whether the two allegiances might some day
> be in conflict,

It isn't?  What about the traitor Pollard, who has a fat pension and a
comfortable lifestyle waiting for him in the Zionist entity, should the US
government ever be so foolish as to let him out of prison. 

How many more Pollards has Zionist propaganda produced, who would do
anything the Zionist entity commanded, to further its cause? 

Why do we continue to pour money into a self-declared country whose hidden
agenda is to steal more of its neighbors' land, whose ideological
orientation is blatantly racist, whose Supreme Court has ruled that
torture is a legitimate means of interrogation, and which used to sing the
praises of pre-democratic South Africa as the kind of society it wished to

What was it Jim Baker said?

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