Peter Trei trei at
Fri Aug 29 12:26:28 PDT 1997

> From:          Jack Holt <jholt at>
> To:            <cypherpunks at>
> Subject:       Greetings,
> Date:          Fri, 29 Aug 1997 12:03:39 -0500
> Reply-to:      Jack Holt <jholt at>

> Hello, I would like some information about offshore banking and opening a
> checking account. Thank you. Jack Holt 1004 Lakewood St. Ozark,Mo. 65721
> U.S.A.
> Phone no. 417-485-7038 email jholt at    I am interested in a
> checking
> account.

We seem to be getting a rash of clue-free queries today. Was the 
cypherpunks address mentioned on some general media article?

Peter Trei
trei at

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