Phranking and Cryptomography

Tim May tcmay at
Fri Aug 29 10:08:46 PDT 1997

At 5:20 AM -0700 8/29/97, Feanor wrote:
>On Aug 28, 22:22, Alexis wrote:
>} Subject: hello
>> hello,
>> Can anybody teach me the abc's on Hacking, Cracking, Phranking,
>> Cryptomography, I know that to be a good hacker you have to know all,
>> but speciallize on one.  Or do any of you are in the LA area that
>> willing to teach me face to face.
>Boy, you're a fucking loser.
>Hacking = expert/geeky computer usage.
>Cracking = breaking into computer systams.
>Phranking = some stupid fucking word you made up.
>Cryptomography = some other stupid fucking word you made up.

Actually, these last two words are well-established, at least in some
circles of hackers. "Phranking" is a combination of "Phrack" and
"franking," and is the hacking of digital postage systems.

"Cryptomography" is a chiefly British term, and refers to the combination
of cryptography, chromatography, and mammography. The intended meaning
should be clear from this. (Hint: think of disappearing writing and getting
your tits in a wringer.)

--Tim May

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