p.s. -- Re: ASK ToolKit Clarifications

Eric Murray ericm at lne.com
Fri Aug 29 10:05:17 PDT 1997

Lucky Green writes:
> At 07:50 AM 8/29/97 -0600, Myron Lewis wrote:
> >Myron Lewis wrote: 
> >> I know that the claims we make for the ASK ToolKit(TM) sound a little too
> >> good to be true.  In fact, someone I have been talking to for a while about
> >> other subjects and who I thought respected my views told me that "If it
> >> sounds too good to be true, it probably is-- too good to be true. "
> >
> >I forgot to mention...it can also be used to break PGP encryption.
> When making such strong claims, it would behoove the author to provide an
> example.

Check the headers.  The one you're replying to was a forgery.

> Until such time, the ASK toolkit will be justly regarded as snakeoil.

>From the description, it sounds like a fancy API for a PRNG.
Not snakeoil, but not all that useful either.

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