p.s. -- Re: ASK ToolKit Clarifications

Lucky Green shamrock at netcom.com
Fri Aug 29 09:44:17 PDT 1997

At 07:50 AM 8/29/97 -0600, Myron Lewis wrote:
>Myron Lewis wrote: 
>> I know that the claims we make for the ASK ToolKit(TM) sound a little too
>> good to be true.  In fact, someone I have been talking to for a while about
>> other subjects and who I thought respected my views told me that "If it
>> sounds too good to be true, it probably is-- too good to be true. "
>I forgot to mention...it can also be used to break PGP encryption.

When making such strong claims, it would behoove the author to provide an

Until such time, the ASK toolkit will be justly regarded as snakeoil.

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