Encryption: yet another reason

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Yet another reason why we need ubiquitous strong encryption...

>From The Wall Street Journal

Law: News Concern Denies Allegations It Spied On Pager Messages

NEW YORK -- Breaking News Network of Fort Lee, N.J., denied
prosecutors' allegations that it illegally intercepted sensitive
pager messages intended for New York City officials. 

Carl Rowan Jr., an attorney for the company, said the concern will
fight the charges, announced Wednesday by Mary Jo White, Manhattan's
U.S. attorney. Mr. Rowan said the company believes two former
volunteers fabricated information that led to the prosecutors'

Breaking News said it uses a network of volunteers to listen to
police scanners and other public radio traffic. The company then
distributes information, such as the locations of fire and police
activity, to news organizations paying for the service. 

"The company is absolutely outraged at how it has been treated and
believes that what is really involved here is an
effort to intimidate and embarrass a news-gathering organization,"
Mr. Rowan said. 

According to a complaint unsealed this week, Breaking News and people
affiliated with the company allegedly used tracking software and a
"cloned" police pager to illegally tap into alphanumeric messages
sent to high-ranking police, fire-department and city officials.

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