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Dan Goodin from C|NET's NEWS.COM responding to a message you sent in
response to Cindy Cohn's email announcing the stay.

I'm very interested in finding out how extensively Snuffle was posted
during the two-and-a-half days it was legal to do so.  Do you have any idea
how many sites posted it, and if it's still available online today, now
that such posts are once again against the law?

Please respond ASAP.


Dan Goodin
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At 21:37 28.08.97 -0600, you wrote:
>Cindy Cohn wrote:
>> During a conference call with counsel today, Judge Patel issued a stay of
>> the injunctive relief issued in her Opinion of August 25, 1997, effective
>> until September 8.
>  Why are these dinosaurs fucking away perfectly good taxpayer's money
>trying to shore up the walls of a crumbling civilization?
>                ---------------------------------------
>  Before the ink had dried on Judge Patel's ruling, 2,000,000 emails of
>Professor Bernstein's work were on their way overseas, to every port of
>call. (Courtesy of Email Blaster, that wonderful progam that tells us,
>fifty times a day, how to "MAKE MONEY FA$T!!!")
>>  On September 8 (or sooner if we get the papers to her) the Court she will
>> issue a formal Stay Pending Appeal which will stay the injunctive relief
>> issued in her Opinion of August 25, 1997, except that an injunction
shall be
>> reinstated to prevent the prosecution of Professor Bernstein for the
>> "unlicensed export" of Snuffle 5.0 (which includes Snuffle and Unsnuffle)
>> and any later versions of that program which he has developed.
>  Hell, Professor Bernstein can _import_ it now!
>  By September 8, the program will be obsolete, having been tweaked
>a few generations by Iraquian programmers. I respectfully requested that
>the Iraquis make any future versions of the program available to
>youth who have to flee to Hitler's homeland with their website in order
>to avoid being persecuted for their sexual predeliction.
> {See - }
>> This eliminates, at least for the meantime, the injunctive relief
granted to
>> Bernstein as to any other computer programs which he may have developed or
>> otherwise wished to publish.  It also eliminates the protections for
>> other than Professor Bernstein.
>  No it doesn't. Haven't you heard of strong crypto?
>  Thank you for pointing out that Phil Zimmerman wishes to protect me,
>and Judge Patel wishes, on behalf of the government, to "eliminate the
>protections" which strong encryptions affords me.
>  The governement can't even protect themself, let alone the citizens,
>as evidenced by the fact that the current sport of teenage hackers
>across the nation is to send strong encryption overseas by way of the
>government's email systems. (Can you say FBI? Sure you can! Can you 
>say IRS? Sure you can!) Yet these dweebs want to destroy an industry 
>that *is* capable of providing the citizens protection? (Considering 
>the INSLAW affair, perhaps it would be more fitting to say "destroy 
>_another_ industry.")
>> The government has said that it may still challenge this more limited stay
>> in the 9th Circuit.  Professor Bernstein may also seek relief from the stay
>> from the 9th Circuit.
>  I hope these idiots are having fun and making lots of money playing
>their dinosaur games, because they are certainly accomplishing the
>opposite of what they claim to be trying to do.
>  The most that the dinosaurs in D.C. can manage to do, is to drag all
>of the American business interests down into the ashes of history with
>them as they attempt to build an Electromagnetic Curtain behind which
>to imprison their citizens.
>  Well, the CypherPunks were digging tunnels before the government even
>knew they were predestined to build the Wall, so the fascist censors are 
>sucking hind-tit and will, in all likelihood, continue to do so.
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