Krispin Preaches Revolution!

Anonymous anon at
Fri Aug 29 08:45:48 PDT 1997

Kent Crispin wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 28, 1997 at 06:17:09PM -0500, snow wrote:
> >       Well, the current system stinks, but enough people are buffalo'd into
> > thinking that it works, so it is doubtful that it will get better.
> People are not "buffalo'd" -- they are happy with a system that gives
> them a good life.  Therefore, it has to get worse before it gets
> better.

  I am happy that Kent has finally realized the need to Monkey Wrench
the "system" to the point where enough citizens get off of their too-
comfortable asses and address the issues which are leading to an
increasing number of their fellow citizens being persecuted and fucked
over by the government.

"Then they came for the fat-asses, and I was a fat-ass, but nobody 
spoke up."

"If you want to keep people from claiming they're Jesus, you have to
break a few eggs."
        -Janet Reno/Pontius Pilate

  Now that Kent has realized, like McVeigh, that "it has to get worse 
before it gets better," perhaps he is ready to break the Big Egg.
  I'll be more than happy to chip in to fill Kent's private plane with
fuel, and Peter Trei is at the airport, right now, stripping the
identifying numbers off of Kent's aircraft. (Ever since he started
forging posts to the list, Peter's gotten really radical.)

{Now that we've got Peter Trei forging posts and Kent Crispin is ready
 to nuke D.C., how long can it be before we convince Blanc to bomb a
 daycare center?}

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