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Declan McCullagh wrote:
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> ICC You Later
> The Internet Content Coalition has rolled over,
> but it's not dead yet. In today's
> closed-to-the-press meeting, most of the two dozen
> news organizations in attendance opposed the
> rating of news sites on the Web -- whether from
> third parties or from the Coalition itself. This
> sharp turnabout followed criticism of the
> Coalition's attempts to establish voluntary
> ratings guidelines for the industry.

Translation~~These poor bastards are so used to doing their
insider, dirty deals, that they made the mistake of letting
too many 'outsiders' know about this one without realizing
that some of them would spill the beans about what was really
going on.

> Acting president Mark Bailey told The Netly News that
> reporters were barred from the proceeding so that
> an open and broad-based debate could take place.

Translation~~The 'people' were barred from knowing what was
taking place, because they "can't _handle_ the truth." These
fuckers have learned their lesson, and from now on the public
will only hear what the insiders _want_ them to hear.

> "We also have not invited ratings people and we
> also have not invited a lot of browser people," he
> said. "We really wanted this to be a news
> publisher meeting."

Translation~~We invited a _few_ people who can keep their goddamn
mouths shut and let the press spin doctors put a good face on our
plans to keep a stranglehold on the news that the public is allowed
to see and hear.

  -- By Noah Robischon

Translation~~He had his kid write this, in return for borrowing the
car this weekend. It gave him an extra hour in the sack with the
old lady.

"All the print that gives you fits."

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