The ElectroMagnetic Curtain (Was: Ian Goldberg is reading your International mail.) / Re: Stay issued; modified stay to follow

TruthMonger tm at dev.null
Fri Aug 29 05:26:05 PDT 1997

Cindy Cohn wrote:
> During a conference call with counsel today, Judge Patel issued a stay of
> the injunctive relief issued in her Opinion of August 25, 1997, effective
> until September 8.

  Judge Patel has effectively agreed that, although Americans have
a Constitutional right to Free Speech within the confines of U.S.
borders, this Constitutional right stops at the edge of the
ElectroMagnetic Curtain that D.C. has built to imprison the words
and thoughts of its citizens.

  The government's LEA's now have enough dictatorial powers to
invade our privacy, listen surreptitiously to our conversations
and track our movements, as long as we remain at home, but they
fear losing their power over the citizens if our thoughts and
words are allowed to escape beyond the reach of the government's
power to spy on us.

Department of Justice
For Immediate Release
Tuesday, August 26, 1997
>But, as President Clinton stated upon issuing an Executive Order on this 
>subject on November 15, 1996, the use of encryption products by 
>unfriendly parties outside the United States can jeopardize the foreign 
>policy and national security interests of the United States, and public 
>safety of U.S. citizens.

  Is President Clinton trying to tell us that the spies who have 
managed to infiltrate our governments security agencies, and the
terrorists who have managed to escape law enforcement's grasp, are
not capable of acquiring strong encryption despite his pretentious,
unconstitutional posturing?
  Is Wiggling Willie suggesting that foreign spies and terrorists
are not as capable and experienced with computers and the InterNet
as the American children who have no problem finding foreign sources
of strong encryption?
  Would the Law Enforcement Agencies of this country have us believe
that they cannot keep drug dealers from bringing _mountains_ of drugs
_into_ America, but that denying American citizens their right to
privacy will prevent drug dealers from smuggling a 3 1/2 inch disk
with strong encryption on it _out_ of the U.S.?
  I do not resent elected representatives lying to the citizens,
since it is a given, but I am abhorred by the fact that these
white-collar criminals no longer even feel the need to tell
_good_ lies. (Could this be an indication that the press is not
doing their job?)

  The *only* purpose that this attack on the Constitutional rights
of the American Citizens serves is to keep privacy empowering
software out of the hands of the citizen. It is a blatant attempt
to use threats of criminality, fines and imprisonment to intimidate
corporations and citizens into giving up their freedom to protect
their right to free and private speech with one another, and with
the citizens of other countries.

"It's not FUD until *I* say its FUD."

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