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Fri Aug 29 05:02:29 PDT 1997

For those not on the cypherpunks at toad list, there have been
a few messages on the Bernstein decision which seem not to 
have been forwarded to the other lists, apparently because they
were sent directly by "bernstein-announce at"

We've put them on our site and can be browsed at:

The latest last night from Bernstein's attorney is that the USG
has gotten a stay from Patel's on her August 25 decision (see
PGP Inc. message below). The stay removes protections from 
those who may have posted Snuffle to the Web (as JYA did). 

Hence, we've removed the two versions of Snuffle we had
hosted.  After, we note, DoJ and Commerce had downloaded
the evidence and our vitae. DoJ's Anthony Coppolino would 
not discuss the stay when I called him at 202-514-4782.

However, we would like to offer lieu of the Snuffle files links
to offshore sites if there are any who wish to host the US national 
security threats.

Adam Back posted one version here a few days back, and
Purdue has Dan's 1990 original offer to sci.crypt. For leads
to the two see:

Here's a the message from PGP, Inc.:


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Too bad.  Prof. Bernstein was perfectly positioned to become a great -- and
the only legal -- exporting reseller of PGP software.  (no, this is not off
the record)


At 06:21 PM 8/28/97 -0700, Cindy Cohn wrote:
>During a conference call with counsel today, Judge Patel issued a stay of
>the injunctive relief issued in her Opinion of August 25, 1997, effective
>until September 8. 
> On September 8 (or sooner if we get the papers to her) the Court she will
>issue a formal Stay Pending Appeal which will stay the injunctive relief
>issued in her Opinion of August 25, 1997, except that an injunction shall be
>reinstated to prevent the prosecution of Professor Bernstein for the
>"unlicensed export" of Snuffle 5.0 (which includes Snuffle and Unsnuffle)
>and any later versions of that program which he has developed.
>This eliminates, at least for the meantime, the injunctive relief granted to
>Bernstein as to any other computer programs which he may have developed or
>otherwise wished to publish.  It also eliminates the protections for persons
>other than Professor Bernstein.
>The government has said that it may still challenge this more limited stay
>in the 9th Circuit.  Professor Bernstein may also seek relief from the stay
>from the 9th Circuit.
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