Fade to Gray... (Politically Correct)

stonedog at ns1.net-gate.com stonedog at ns1.net-gate.com
Fri Aug 29 01:47:42 PDT 1997

A cross between "The Shcokwave Rider" and "The Wrong End of Time". Oh
Brunner, where's the traveller in black when you need him?


On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Anonymous wrote:

> Far above the city, a nuclear bomb falls from the bottom of a small
> airplane. Strangely, all of the members of the CypherPunks list were
> out of town that day.
> Kent Crispin hears the voice come over the radio of his private plane,
> warning him that he must land his plane immediately, or be shot down.
> He looks out at the wing and notices, for the first time, that someone
> has removed the identifying numbers from his plane.
> Crispin looks at the printouts of CypherPunks posts sitting on the seat
> beside him, and realizes that he is wearing a T-shirt with 4 lines of
> Perl code for unexportable encryption.

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