Shrinks as Narcs for the State

Anonymous anon at
Fri Aug 29 01:41:45 PDT 1997

Tim May wrote:
> At 2:14 PM -0700 8/28/97, Sean Roach wrote:
> >A lot of people are
> >afraid to tell thier doctors everything that the doctors need to know to do
> >thier jobs because the patients are afraid that, as illegal as it may be,
> >the patients medical history may end up in the hands of insurers, employers,
> >prospective employers, and numerous other people who may want it but
> >shouldn't have it.

> I know a psychologist/therapist who is very worried about this issue, as
> are his associates. His records are no longer his, as he must inform the
> insurance agencies who are paying for his services what the diagnosis of a
> patient is. And this diagnosis can be found by all sorts of snoops...

Dear Detective May,
  My name is Dick Long, and I am a former DEA agent now working for the
big bucks in private enterprise. It has come to the attention of my
employer, "Your Best Friend Health Insurance, Inc.", that they are
over $5,000.00 a month for drug rehabilitation therapy for:
	Mr. C. Punks,
	WeKnowWhereYouLive Drive,
	WeKnowEverythingAboutYou, U.S.A.

  The records of Mr. Punks' psychiatrist and personal physician state
that he still uses on occassion, mostly on weekends, at home. If he
were to be lawfully arrested and incarcerated for criminal drug use,
then my employer would no longer be required to pay for his therapy,
and would be very grateful, indeed.
  How grateful? Check the accompanying envelope. We could be that
grateful for every month Mr. Punk is incarcerated.
  We are not asking you to do anything illegal, only to prioritize
your legally sworn duties in a manner which could prove to be very
mutually beneficial for both law enforcement and private enterprise.

Dick Long <long.dick at>

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