America's Concentration Camps

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At 9:19 pm -0400 on 8/28/97, Tim May wrote:

> Like the Jews in Europe, the Japs were just too fucking timid and
> well-mannered.

Actually, they were subjected to hundreds of years in which weapons were
only permitted to be handled by a special warrior caste.

Sound familiar?

Which reminds me...

Peter Cassidy's just starting a book called "Fortress America", which talks
about where all the LEA money goes. You know, for useful stuff, like
armored personnel carriers, and ARs, and body armor, and flammable teargas,
and stun grenades, and black nomex balaclavas, and kevlar gloves.

Oh, well, so much for those 100,000 cops Billary promised us. Maybe it's
just as well? I mean what if we had 100,000 new cops all wanting *their*
black nomex balacalvas and kevlar gloves too...

A spook's gotta sell his toys somewhere, I suppose. It's a living, I guess.
I just wish they'd find a more useful line of work. Like lawyering, or

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