gephardt slams crypto regs

Bill Frantz frantz at
Thu Aug 28 19:50:11 PDT 1997

>At 06:16 PM 8/24/97 -0700, Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
>>Encryption is vital to the Net
>Thanks for posting this!  My hat's off to Senator Gephardt for
>coming out in favor of economic and personal freedom!
>(Of course, it's not like I'd set my hat _down_ where he could
>steal it or check its national origin label :-)  Dick's still a
>statist protectionist, but even if he's doing the right thing
>just to annoy the right-wing statists like Clinton, it's a good start!)

I also thank Vladimir for posting the article.  I was going to post a
summary, but I found myself buried under a kilomessage or so of back email
after my trip to Switzerland.

I think this article is principally interesting because Senator Gephardt is
the Democratic leader in the House.  It seems to indicate considerable
disarray in the administration on what our crypto policy should be.

As the ever optimist, this article, along with Dorothy Denning's new stand,
and the Burnstein decision indicates that the forces of crypto repression
are in retreat.  GO TEAM!

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