90 degree turn Re: Socio-Economic Cults (Re: Cypherpunk Cults)

Sean Roach roach_s at alph.swosu.edu
Thu Aug 28 18:04:19 PDT 1997

At 03:34 PM 8/28/97 PDT, John Smith wrote:
>Keep in mind too that we should try not to rely too much on
>hindsight.  Camps like Manzanar were relatively benign.  But
>instead of a Japanese American, consider a Jew in Poland.  He's in
>the same situation.  Hindsight tells us that maybe he'd do better
>to drive off the cops and then try to escape before they come back.
>Few Jews anticipated that the internment they were sent to was going
>to be any worse than how it turned out for the Japanese Americans.
>So if you want to say that the Japanese was not justified in shooting
>because the camps were likely to be safe, the same would apply to
>the Jew.

I didn't find out about the Japaneese concentration camps until after I saw
the karate kid and had it explained to me.  As I had most of my high school
career ahead of me at the time, that much info should have made me aware of
the lessons covering them in my various high school history classes.  Nearly
every history class I have had has either stopped sometime around the end of
the civil war, stayed in Oklahoma, stopped around WWI with the United States
held as the hero of the event, or glossed over the entire Japaneese
concentration camp story.
And I thought my teachers were fairly open minded.
And we fault the Germans and Japaneese for not owning up to thier wartime

Incidently, I didn't know that many Jews were turned away from the united
states borders during WWII either until an article came out about it in one
of the weeklies.

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