New service allows customers to track stolen PCs (fwd)

Sean Roach roach_s at
Thu Aug 28 14:20:49 PDT 1997

At 09:51 PM 8/28/97 +0000, Vipul Ved Prakash wrote:
>*** New service allows customers to track stolen PCs
>Absolute Software announced Wednesday the CompuTrace Online Monitoring
>Service, a new service that provides CompuTrace customers with various
>PC monitoring reports via a private, secured Internet website.
>Customers will now have access to the whereabouts of their PCs via the
>Online Monitoring Service from any location at any time. CompuTrace's
>technology silently calls in to the CompuTrace Monitoring Center on a
>regular basis. The activity is reported to customers on a regular
>basis, or via the new CompuTrace Online Monitoring Service. ...

In a few years, when nearly every home computer is a laptop or other
portable.  The government will require that a similar service be installed
in every machine, (to cut down on theft).
A few years later, the government will demand open access to this database
(to track terrorists).
Even later, as nearly everyone will have a computer by this time, the
government will have an effective method of controlling the movement of the
Why don't we just slap one of those radio transponders around our ankles
that some of the more stylish parollees already wear.

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