Looking for info on Watchdog Drive security program for Win 3.1

Alan alan at ctrl-alt-del.com
Thu Aug 28 10:05:29 PDT 1997

I am looking for information on a program called "Watchdog" for the PC.
It appears to use DES to encrypt parts of the drive via a real-mode
driver.  (Actually there are three that get installed.)  It also provides
password protection for Windows and a couple of other functions.

Has anyone heard of this product?  I have to install Win95 (yeah, I
know...) on this machine and I expect this software to be less than
functional under that environment.

Pointers to the company would be helpful.  And info on how this product
works (as in security risks, known backdoors and the like) would be

The in-duh-vidual who has this PC did not install it, does not have
documentation or disks, and has major portions of the software (like 90%
of the Win 3.1 control panels) removed off the system.

[I have searched Yahoo and AltaVista and I have found a great number of
"watchdogs", but not this one...]

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