Sweden's Social Democrats Sterilize the Inferior

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Thu Aug 28 10:05:23 PDT 1997

TruthMonger wrote:
> Declan McCullagh wrote:
> > >From: David Boaz <dboaz at cato.org>
> > >Subject: Social Democrats Sterilize the Inferior
> > >.c The Associated Press
> > >The program stemmed from the pursuit of eugenics, a once-popular movement to
> > >improve humanity by controlling genetic factors in reproduction.
> AB wrote:
> >The problem is that from a purely scientific evolutionary point of
> >view, the human race is surely regressing, the masses of negative
> >evolutionary pressures are certainly pushing this way.

>   It seems to me that today's society, like Nazi society, is heavily
> involved in influencing the evolutionary direction of "humanity by
> controlling genetic factors in reproduction."
>   However, as Adam points out, society currently weights it's
> eugenics program in favor of those whose survival and/or level of
> subsistence is based on the incomes earned by other people who are
> more fitted for survival.

  This is no more an 'accident' than the Nazi program of purification
was an 'accident.' We are increasingly seeing that there are huge
to be made from the various crises that continually arise. The movers
and shakers saw this a long time ago. That is why we *have* all of 
these crises.
> AB wrote:
> >The real problem is that the pervasive bleeding heart
> >socialist/communist welfare system mentality will ensure that you'll
> >never manage it.
>   That, indeed, is half of the problem. The other side of the coin
> is that the capitalist/fascist earned income and/or welfare system is
> now just as dependent on maintaining the status-quo. As is the law
> enforcement/judicial/prison system of justice.

  Fucking eh! There's more people in the country plotting to make a
government office stink than there are plotting to nuke D.C., so you've
got to prioritize to keep the greatest number of people working.
  The more people do something, then the more money you make when you
criminalize it. This is why wise-guys always joke about a law against
breathing--they *know* it's coming.

>   The problem with lunatic sites is that too many of them are not
> afraid to supply facts and references from established, reliable
> sources, including government documents, while the corresponding
> government-backed versions of events involve "magic bullet"'s and
> John Does who appear and disappear like the Cheshire cat, at the
> government's convenience.

  Mainstream media:
  "The hostages were released on Reagan's inauguration day, and Reagan's
underlings shipped illegal weapons to the hostage takers. NO CONNECTION.
  "The CIA brought a shitload of Nazi scientists and intelligence agents
into their fold immediately after World War II, and most of the
of the CIA have families who made fortunes doing business with the Nazis
during the war. NO CONNECTION.
  "George Bush has been an innocent bystander at the scene of every 
political crime in the last two decades. NO CONNECTION.
  "John F. Kennedy threatened to dismember the CIA, and died. Robert
wanted to expose the connection between the CIA and the Mob, and died.
Every president since J.F.K. has had close connections to the CIA.
  "The only drug dealer dangerous enough to make it essential that we
invade a foreign country and slaughter their people in order to bring
him to justice, was the leader of a friendly nation who worked closely
with George Bush when the CIA was involved in the drug trade. NO

>   The problem with reading both the mainstream ~and~ the lunatic
> news sites is that a very disturbing picture develops.
>   Every evil that has ever been done under the sun (or the moon, for
> that matter) is still being done, but under the "right" name, using
> the "right" terminology, and for the "right" reasons. (The chief
> justification always seems to lie in a variation of 'renaming' the
> 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.)

  The mainstream media is loved by the sheeple for the very reason
that the public *does* know what is going on, and they want the press
to perform the traditional function of the high-priest in absolving
them of guilt.
  The press knows this. The government press experts know this. They
all dance to the same tune, and everyone goes away happy.

  There was a PBS show on Waco on last night. It showed the tanks
firing into the buildings and setting them on fire, and the govt
negotiator/press-agent saying, "David, don't *do* this to these
  Right Dave, tell the tanks to stop firing. Dave, tell the 800
government agents to go home. Dave, tell the BATF to go raid a
Baptist church where the members have more firearms than your
'cult' ever dreamed of owning.
  An interesting part of the PBS show was the FBI Director (?) and
a few others doing everything but screaming, "Janet Reno is a lying
fucking cunt!" 
("It *was not* government instigated murder, but if it *was*, then
 it would be the fault of A/B/C, not ME.")

  Yes, and even though the police had often been called to break up
violent domestic disputes between O.J. and his wife, he was not a
suspect in her murder when the policement climbed over his fence
to be his best friend in the whole world and hold his hand through
his time of trouble.
  Yes, and if it had been some penniless crack-head, instead of O.J.,
the police still would have asked him if he would drop around for
questioning "at your convenience, sir."

  So General Noriega's former best friend, during the days of the CIA
drug running operations, was replaced as President by a Govenor of
a state that served as a CIA drug running center during his tenure
in office. So everyone connected to a variety of criminal actions
involving the Whitehouse, the CIA and the Justice Department seems
to die a bizarre or unexplained death. So the country is now run
by unelected groups appointed by the President, and by special
laws and regulations which come into being through the signature
of only the President, and no other.
  How about them "Bears", eh? Think they'll win the pennant?

  The Republicans let us have a draft-dodging, dope-smoking adulterer
for a President because they have him in their hip-pocket and wanted
a Democrat in office, for appearances sake, when they passed the
line-item veto, giving the President even more partisian power than
has already been usurped for the office.
  Try to act surprised when our next President is a Republican. Try
to act surprised when he announces the New World Order is *here*.
{Of course, there is always the possibility that the media won't
 carry the announcement of Martial Law being declared. They may not
 have room to fit it in between Nancy Lopez's winning putt in the
 Swedish Open and the picture of the firefighter saving the cute cat.}

 How about them "Bears", eh?


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