U.S. Refugees Flee to Germany

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~"Whether it's CPAC wanting to nuke all web sites containing the word 
'boy,' Senator Swinestein wanting to nuke all web sites containing the 
word 'bomb,' or Senator Hatch wanting to nuke all web sites containing 
the word 'sex,'" writes Mike Duvos in a Cypherpunks newsgroup, "the 
optimal strategy for service providers has turned out to be to quietly 
remove any material some squeaky wheel is uncomfortable with, keep 
proclaiming themselves to be the strongest supporters of free speech in 
the entire Net community, and stonewall when asked questions which might 
suggest anything to the contrary." 

  Sounds like one of them-thar, cynical, irreverent, shit-disturbing
CypherPunks, to me.

~Now, the pages are back online on a small server in Germany. Organizers 
of the site are raising funds to purchase their own direct connection to 
the Net. However they don't want their computer to be in the US-- but 
not because they plan to violate any US laws. "We are very nervous
about being here," says Jim Finn, who helps run the Free Spirits, "if 
the government is going to use underhanded tactics to intimidate our 
providers and possibly confiscate our equipment." In the course of 
investigations, police frequently seize computers that they never 
return, even when they file no charges. 

  Perhaps Germany should start building refugee camps for American
homosexuals, Jews, and producers of strong encryption.

~If the Internet had sprung up in the 50s, Senator Jesse Helms would be 
riling his white constituents about the scandalous web sites promoting 
interracial marriage and civil rights. The right way to answer to Helms 
and his ilk is not with pacifying assurances that, thanks to filtering, 
people can avoid these offensive ideas, but to confront the underlying 
racism. Now that queer sex is the bugaboo, the answer shouldn't be any 

  CypherPunk Cult of One Project:?:
  Put up a website containing quotes from Jesse Helms and other high-
profile politicians, public figures, etc., and then actively promote
it being censored and removed from the InterNet.
  (Pictures of a topless Princess Di, etc. Naked children from a "Life"
   magazine photo from the '60's, etc.)
  Has anyone ever sued themselves to have their own site censored and
  "Greg Broiles vs. Greg Broiles" (Kind of has a 'ring' to it.)

~That censorship is bad and dangerous no matter who its victims is a 
concept best grasped today by Cypherpunks steeped in computers and the 

  And who came out of internment in the legendary "Flame Camps"
of the late 1990's, vowing, "Never Forgive. No Prisoners."

~Whether it's the painting "Mona Lisa" or the sex video Lisa 

  (No, *not* to the "Mona Lisa," you idiot!)

~If hysteria over 
drugs or hate speech or pornography becomes intense enough, then no 
one's data-- which is to say no one's privacy-- is safe. Much better 
than civil libertarians and gay politicos, Internet activists have seen 
the danger in the new wave of repressive laws. Whether they can 
articulate that danger to a broader public remains to be seen. If not, 
the 1990s may be recalled as a short-lived golden age of free expression 
on the Net, and free spirits won't have any place to call home. ** 

  "Give me bandwidth, or give me death."
  "Give me your huddled electrons, struggling to be free."

  "Now is the time for all good hackers to come to the aide of

  "One if by land. Two if by sea. NULL if by Net."
  ("The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming!)

  "I may not agree with what you censor, but I will defend to the death
  my right to tell you to 'Fuck off and die.'"

  "Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask where the Federal 
  building is."

  "A small step for a nuclear bomb. A big step for D.C."
  ("It's raining donkeys and elephants out there. Better take
   your lead umbrella.")

  "In Diffie-Hellman We Trust."

  "Nuke the candidate of your choice--but Nuke!"

  "The final finding of the TruthMonger Commission is that Tim May acted
  alone. The Magic Nuclear Missle hit D.C., deflected toward Moscow,
  turned around in mid-air and took out London, before coming to rest
  at Rome.
  "There is no evidence to suggest that Jim Bell was ever a member of
  the CypherPunks list, or ever had contact of any nature with Tim May.
  Toad.com was never connected to the CypherPunks list--it served mostly
  as a mail-drop for decent, upstanding drug dealers, pedophiles, tax
  evaders and terrorists.
  "Duncan Frissel's first act of power, the pardoning of Tim May, was 
  done in order to allow the nation to put this behind us and to heal 
  our nuclear wounds."

  "Congress shall make no laws."

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