Sweden's Social Democrats Sterilize the Inferior

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Declan McCullagh wrote:
> >From: David Boaz <dboaz at cato.org>
> >Subject: Social Democrats Sterilize the Inferior
> >.c The Associated Press

> >The program stemmed from the pursuit of eugenics, a once-popular movement to
> >improve humanity by controlling genetic factors in reproduction.

AB wrote:
>The problem is that from a purely scientific evolutionary point of
>view, the human race is surely regressing, the masses of negative
>evolutionary pressures are certainly pushing this way.
> >The sterilizations targeted a wide range of people: those of mixed race;
> >unmarried mothers with several children; people judged to be habitual
> >criminals; even a boy considered ''sexually precocious.''

> >''Grounds for recommending sterilization: unmistakable Gypsy features,
> >psychopathy, vagabond life,'' reads one document cited by Dagens Nyheter.

AB wrote:
>Welfare cases in the UK are encouraged to have children by the way the
>system is structured.  A single mother is the highest priority case,
>with pretty much guaranteed 16 years of preferential treatment, higher
>payouts, higher on housing priority lists, and so on.  Female
>divorcees with children often get more money, better accomodation, and
>more extra fringe benefit handouts than they would ever have married.
>Welfare is better than the minimum wage earners lot by a significant

  It seems to me that today's society, like Nazi society, is heavily
involved in influencing the evolutionary direction of "humanity by 
controlling genetic factors in reproduction."
  However, as Adam points out, society currently weights it's
eugenics program in favor of those whose survival and/or level of
subsistence is based on the incomes earned by other people who are
more fitted for survival.
> >The issue of forced sterilization stands to be even more troublesome, because
> >it was conducted under the ostensibly benign gaze of the Social Democrats -
> >that party that built Sweden's welfare state and proclaimed it a paragon of
> >enlightened government.

  And today we have a forced child-bearing program based on rewarding
those who bear children with survival support that they would not
otherwise receive. Even when the individual has a desire to change
their position in life, they usually get little support for that.
Instead, we make it much easier to just pop a little-one in the oven
and say goodbye to all of your survival woes.

> >Not only did eugenics foresee an improved human race, it also was appealing
> >to Social Democrats, who were beginning to see that Sweden's welfare state
> >would be costly and wanted to limit the number of people who would have to be
> >supported, the newspaper said.

AB wrote:
>The problem is what can you do about it?  Well I guess you could
>negatively structure the welfare hand out system to discourage them.
>You could scrap the welfare system.  They already offer free birth
>control advice to teenagers and hand out condoms free without
>questions etc.  Free abortions?

  The problems are *known* problems which remain unsolved--the 
question is, "Why?".

AB wrote:
>The real problem is that the pervasive bleeding heart
>socialist/communist welfare system mentality will ensure that you'll
>never manage it.

  That, indeed, is half of the problem. The other side of the coin
is that the capitalist/fascist earned income and/or welfare system is
now just as dependent on maintaining the status-quo. As is the law
enforcement/judicial/prison system of justice.
  It used to be the occasional war which sustained a robust economy.
Now it is a 'constant' war which helps to sustain the economy. The
War on Drugs. How many people in this country owe their jobs to
drug addicts. A damn large number, but do drug addicts get any thanks
for boosting employment (and TV's)?

>"The children" is a war cry which will ensure the continuance of state
>funded negative evolutionary pressures.

  Praise the Lord!
  I think much of the country is beginning to realize that we are now
in a Catch-22 situation where "solving" societies problems will "cause"
a great many problems in itself.
  Solve the drug problem tomorrow, and we will have doctors, lawyers,
policemen and social workers out begging in the streets to feed their
families. Solve the welfare problem tomorrow, and we will have riots
in the streets by those on 'both' sides of the issue, no matter what
the nature of the changes.
  {e.g. - I can give everyone on welfare, in the whole world, a good
  paying job in Inuvik, starting tomorrow. So now we can begin the
  violent, bloody debate on "forced relocation."}

>From http://www.hill.se/mag.htm  (Re: Swedish Sterilization)

Blackmail and threats:
The Medical Board approved of the operation. Since physical force 
was prohibitied, the school management and the doctor used blackmail 
to make Astrid consent to sterilization. If she did not approve of this 
little operation, they threatened her, she would face life
Thousands of healthy, intelligent persons were submitted to the same 
treatment as Astrid was. The medical arguments were, however, a little 
different according to what sex the individuals belonged to. 
Boys ready for sterilization were rather described as unreliable, 
dishonest and mischievous. (irreverent cypherpunks!)

There has not been a real settlement with the period of sterilization.
The National Institute of Racialiology was never discontinued, but had 
its name changed into The Institution of Medical Geneticsnd was 
assimilated into Uppsala University in 1959.

  I already knew a lot about the history of the eugenics movement,
as well as its 'shift' to new organizations with the same old faces,
and the same underlying ethics and rational behind them.
  I didn't learn about this on the ABC TV News, nor in Time Magazine,
nor any of the 'mainstream' media. I learned about this on the types
of websites which gave me information on the reptilian Nazi aliens
from outer space, who live in underground bunkers throughout the
world. This is also where I learned about Planned Parenthood and
its successors being an offshoot of the Eugenics/Purification 
movement. And about the U.S.'s rich and politically elite of today
owe much of their family's money to working closer with Hitler than
any of the Death Camp guards. And about the U.S. gun laws being based
on the Nazi gun laws of Hitler's era.

  To tell the truth, I have absolutely no interest in becoming a
raving lunatic who believes in reptilian Nazi's from outer space
living in underground bunkers beneath my home town, but the problem
is that the rest of the information I am getting on the 'lunatic'
sites is proving much more reliable than the information I received
in my years of education within the public school system.
  The problem with lunatic sites is that too many of them are not
afraid to supply facts and references from established, reliable
sources, including government documents, while the corresponding
government-backed versions of events involve "magic bullet"'s and
John Does who appear and disappear like the Cheshire cat, at the
government's convenience.
  The problem with mainstream news sites is when a story surfaces
which lends credence to the wild-eyed claims of the 'lunatic' news
sites, the story suddenly disappears, to be replaced with a story
of a fireman saving a cute kitten from a tree.

  The problem with reading both the mainstream ~and~ the lunatic
news sites is that a very disturbing picture develops.
  Portions of the 'free world' imprison more people than dictatorships,
but for the "right" reasons, instead of the "wrong" reasons.
  Human-rights-defending liberals have sterilized many, many times
the number of people that genetic-purification-monster Nazi's ever
dreamed of, but for the "right" reasons, instead of the "wrong"
  Every evil that has ever been done under the sun (or the moon, for
that matter) is still being done, but under the "right" name, using
the "right" terminology, and for the "right" reasons. (The chief
justification always seems to lie in a variation of 'renaming' the
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.)

  "Assassination Politics" is beginning to sound more and more like
a valid electoral system. One dollar, one vote.
  Perhaps Jim Bell and Tim May can corroborate on a sequel, "Nuclear
Assassination Politics."


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