Is this group dead?

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Thu Aug 28 01:31:19 PDT 1997

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> >No, nothing caused it. It's just dead, pretty much always has been.
> >"Always" being only a few months, of course.
> Well, sure --- define "always" as "recently" and you won't see much
> change. More than a couple months ago, it was non-dead (about ten relevant
> articles a day on good days, IIRC). That's why I'm curious.

Some of us posted our articles to the Cypherpunks list(s) to this
newsgroup, when it was first created. For my own part, this was partly to
ensure propagation in case the new distributed mailing lists failed for
some reason, and partly as a show of support for the new newsgroup,

But alt.cypherpunks filled up with the usual spam and cross-posts. And the
distributed mailing lists have done well. So most of us don't bother with

If you or other readers are really interested, subscribe to the list.
Newsgroups are just too prone to casual drop-ins, meaning, people who have
no sense of history, no awareness of past issues already hashed out, etc.

(Lest anyone think I'm being "undemocratic," sure. I cop to that. Anyone
who wants to use alt.cypherpunks for discussions is free to. But if nobody
does, so?)

--Tim May

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