Sean Roach roach_s at alph.swosu.edu
Wed Aug 27 20:42:32 PDT 1997

At 05:49 PM 8/27/97 -0700, Kent Crispinu wrote:
>On Wed, Aug 27, 1997 at 12:49:42PM -0400, Sean Roach wrote:
>> At 11:55 PM 8/26/97 -0700, Kent Crispin wrote:
>> Pretty soon every revolver will have a warning label.  "Warning, misuse of
>> this tool can result in injury and death.  By handling this item you consent
>> to bear all legal responsibility reguarding its use."  Never mind that such
>> should be implied.
>Product liability issues are more prominent when something doesn't 
>function as it is supposed to -- say you are trying to defend 
>yourself against a thief, and the gun blows up in your face.  This is 
>not the same as assuming legal liability for when you shoot someone.
>Arguably, even then you should not be able to sue -- the small 
>aircraft industry has been decimated by product liability issues.  
>And I remember when Chouinard went out of the climbing equipment 
>business because of threat of lawsuits.
>My understanding is that warning labels -- even signed liability 
>releases -- are of limited use in these cases, because, while you can 
>sign a binding contract that limits your ability to sue, you cannot 
>so bind your survivors. 

I wasn't referring to when the things work improperly.  I was referring to
cases specifically like the lawsuit brought against the makers of the TEC-9
because some idiot used one on an office building full of people and it had
the odassity to work.

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