Stewart Baker on Bernstein encryption decision (fwd)

Blanc blancw at
Wed Aug 27 18:17:52 PDT 1997

V.Z.Nuri wrote, in reaction to Stewar Baker's message:

>*spit* [...] fraudulent camel's back. soon let the whole corrupt 
>structure fall like the rotten house of cards that it is.
>wallow daily in their own hypocrisy.
>[...]the horrid and repulsive episode [...]
>when in the course of human events it become necessary to expunge a 
>(if so, it would be the one of the least vile and sleazy tactics employed
>so far in the whole sorry affair.)
>[...] sarcastic contempt I feel for you and your despicable cohorts [...]

Like, have you tried to export software lately, L.D.?   You're taking this
rather personally.

Your heart-felt, warm&fuzzy  message to Mr. Baker, who doesn't know you
from anyone (except that you posted from that scum-bag pot of
cypherpunk-infestation (those poisonous tentacles of Medusa), I'm sure will
instill in him a deep regret for his past attitude; he'll probably recant
his past, become a born-again Christian, and join the list.    

Eloquent, informative statements from other noteworthy representatives of
the technology industry, spoken even at meetings where Mr. Baker was
personally present, and even directly to him by the likes of TCM, could
not, I'm sure be as persuasive as the *spit*ting and lowly modifying terms
which you slew in his direction.

An intellectually uplifting debate on the subject, bringing into view
incontestable points of fact, could not surely be as convincing as this
upchuck of verbiage from deep within yourself, where you keep your stash of
special words selected for their ability to clarify difficult issues.

Goodness, next you'll be agreeing with TCM that "they should all be nuked".
  You might even begin consider a special venue for achieving this, such


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