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Wed Aug 27 16:15:32 PDT 1997

An update to our customers and friends on happenings at 
F O R E F R O N T  -  Taking the Chaos out of the 'Net		   Newsletter  8/25/97
I.    Special Offer
II.   News from the 'Front
III.  Hot Tip
I. Special Offer

Due to the popularity of the WebBundle, we're bringing it back
for a limited time.

ForeFront would like to offer you, our V.I.P.'s, a chance to get
ALL of our Web products (WebSeeker, WebWhacker, and WebPrinter)
at a discount.  Get the Web Bundle for only $89.50 for a limited
time. -


II. News from the 'Front

Thanks to everyone for signing up for the Internet
Research Course.

ForeFront releases their second FREE e-mail course
on Off-line Browsing.  Sign-up for our no-cost course at

WebWhacker 3.0 for Macintosh released.  The
worlds first off-line browser for Macintosh just got
better.  See the new features at:

Educational WebWhacker enters Beta!

Ed Whacker brings WebWhacker 3.0 to the classroom.
Whack Internet pages and share them with an entire
classroom with a single click.  The teacher can launch
browsers on every station in the classroom with one button.
Beta testers get 50% off the retail price when Ed Whacker is
released.  If you'd like to join the beta program, visit:

II.  Tip o' the Day

WebSeeker's Filtering  is its most powerful feature.
If you are looking for something very specific on the
Internet, start WebSeeker and enter your keywords.  
Then choose "Filter Find".

FilterFind is slower, but usually worth the wait.  Every 
word on every page is indexed allowing you to quickly
narrow your search.

Choose the Filter button (funnel with 3 dots after it) and
enter any specific query.  You can use AND, OR, NOT,
NEAR and other powerful features to narrow your
search until you find EXACTLY what you are looking

No other program gives you the power of a WebSeeker
If you don't have WebSeeker 3 then try it now! 
If you have an earlier version of WebSeeker then upgrade now!

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