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>At 09:18 AM 8/27/97 +0100, Adam Back wrote:

>>It's a distributed system, it's more resilient to abuse than
>>If one person becomes too much of a nuisance (real trigger happy for
>>ultra minor infractions -- swearing at them, daring to look at them
>>when they're in a bad bood) relatives, friends, or concerned citizens
>>will correct (fill trigger happy person with lead).
>>That's how the wild west worked anyway... outlaws didn't last that
>>So you're relying on other peoples sense of fairness ... should easily
>>work out better than governments.

>Ever heard of mob violence?  Read up on the Salem witch trials when a
>bunch of people got together and murdered a bunch of thier own on the
>evidence of the rantings of a few girls.

>Don't forget hitler, who managed to swing an entire country against a
>ever growing list of minorities.  Granted, this was from within
>government, but the principle is the same.

>Anarchy is good, as long as an us versus them mentality doesn't occur. 
>That would require a far more homogenious population than we have now. 
>If everyone had the same skin color, hair color, eye color, bone
>structure, and color of socks, war would eventually break out over who
>lived on which side of the river.

Both of your examples only go to prove the point of anarchy is better then

In the Salem witch trial they were government trials (which were based on
a political power struggle in Salem at the time) not lynch mobs. 

In Germany, as in all mass murders, was the act of the *Governemnt*.

No matter how you add the numbers up there has been many many more deaths
caused by governments than there ever has or will be by criminal.

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