How tO MutAte anD TaKE OVer tHe WOrld

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Wed Aug 27 09:38:49 PDT 1997

At 08:28 AM 8/27/97 -0700, Alan wrote:
>On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, luciana luciana wrote:
>> I'm very interested on that.
>> could u let me know anything else?
>I picked up a copy of the book a while back.
>Some of the sidenotes and off-storyline events are interesting and mildly
>humorous.  The ending was incredibly unbelievable and anti-climatic.  (The
>tacked on end-of-the-end was just plain stupid.)  The main characters
>spend little time involved with the revolution they claim to be bringing
>It does make mention of the Cypherpunks.  (One of the authors was involved
>in the very beginning, but I have not seen her post here any time in my
>memory.  (She claims to have coined the term "Cypherpunk".))
>If you want Cyberpunk/Cypherpunk fiction, there are much better choices.
>Neal Stephenson (sp?) is a good choice.  ("Snow Crash" and the short story
>"Hacking the Spew" are two of my favorites from him.)
>If you do get "How to mutate...", wait until it comes out in paperback.
>Then you won't feel as cheated as I did when i finished the book.
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The author who claims that is St. Jude, AKA Judith Milton, she is a former
UNIX programmer who is also absent from the MUT home page.

The book itself is a little large for a paperback version, you have to read
the warning about the broken "scrapbook" method and remember that these
people are humor writers.

I grabbed a copy probably 3 months after it was released.  The dust cover is
very flimsy, has it improved?

There is a web site dedicated to the book, HTTP://
The site is a shambles right now but I was told that they were going to try
to salvage it after the holiday weekend.  When it is working it has a nice
web-based bulliten board, with some threading, and way too many "how do I
hack" questions.  There are a few good gems and some people very much in
line with those here, however.

It's worth a visit, but give it a little while and see if they get the
bulliten boards back on line.  It is over 18 months old, I have been
visiting it off and on for about a year.

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