How tO MutAte anD TaKE OVer tHe WOrld

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On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, luciana luciana wrote:

> I'm very interested on that.
> could u let me know anything else?

I picked up a copy of the book a while back.

Some of the sidenotes and off-storyline events are interesting and mildly
humorous.  The ending was incredibly unbelievable and anti-climatic.  (The
tacked on end-of-the-end was just plain stupid.)  The main characters
spend little time involved with the revolution they claim to be bringing

It does make mention of the Cypherpunks.  (One of the authors was involved
in the very beginning, but I have not seen her post here any time in my
memory.  (She claims to have coined the term "Cypherpunk".))

If you want Cyberpunk/Cypherpunk fiction, there are much better choices.
Neal Stephenson (sp?) is a good choice.  ("Snow Crash" and the short story
"Hacking the Spew" are two of my favorites from him.)

If you do get "How to mutate...", wait until it comes out in paperback.
Then you won't feel as cheated as I did when i finished the book.

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