Monkey Wrench into the works

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We communicated today about the DCSB luncheon at the Harvard Club and I have
been looking at some of the e$pam traffic.  I am somewhat amused because our
company is about to throw a monstrous perturbation into Public-Private Key

We invite you and everyone on the list (Please send this invitation out to
them as the info on how to do that didn't come through.) to visit the KeyGen
webpage, and learn about Automatic Synchronized
KeyGeneration(TM).  If you think you recognize it as something you have seen
before, you're close but wrong.

We are obviously biased, but we feel strongly and so do many others, that
ASK will solve many of the security problems presently under discussion.  In
time, it will probably sink Key Management and Certificate Authorities.

We welcome everyone's comments as long as they keep an open mind and don't
feel cemented in to key management.

I would like to respond to your request for speakers and offer to speak at
one of the luncheons about Automatic Synchronized KeyGeneration.


Myron Lewis
KeyGen Corporation
The Key to Secure Communications

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