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	Did you know that 50 to 65% of ALL goods and services are
expected to be sold through multi-level methods by the year 2000?
This is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR industry and of the 500,000 million-
aires in the U.S., 20% (100,000) made their fortune in MLM in the
LAST SEVEN YEARS.  Statistics also show that 45 people become
millionaires EVERY DAY through multi-level marketing!

	Would YOU like to get a piece of the pie?  NOW YOU CAN!
With this HOT, NEW money-generating program you can use current
technologies to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM!  Electronic Multi-
Level Marketing is taking the internet by storm, leaving the OLD
MLM systems behind!  JOIN THIS PROGRAM NOW, before YOU get left
with this program!  As you read this entire program thoroughly,
keep in mind that APPROXIMATELY 50,000 NEW people join the internet

	You are looking at the most profitable and unique program
you may ever see.  It has demonstrated and proven ability to generate
large sums of money.  This program is showing fantastic appeal with a
huge and ever growing population which needs additional income.

	This is a legitimate money-making opportunity.  It does not
require you to come in contact with people, do any hard work, and best
of all, you never have to leave the house, except to get the mail.  
If you believe that some day you will get that lucky break that you
have been waiting for, THIS IS IT!  Simply follow the easy instructions,
and your dream will come true!  This electronic multi-level marketing
program works perfectly...100% EVERY TIME!

	Thousands of people have used this program to raise capital to
start their own business, pay off debts, buy homes, cars, etc., even
retire!  This is your chance, so don't pass it up.

IT WILL WORK FOR YOU, if you carefully follow the instructions and
apply these next four points:

1.  INSIGHT:  It is necessary to see the GREAT possibilities that this
	      marketing program contains.  Read it several times, then 
	      later read it again!  Calculate the numbers for yourself;
	      you will see the amazing results that can be obtained.

2.  INVESTMENT:  Not in anyone else, but yourself.  Every endeavor which
		 produces a profit requires some degree of investment,
		 be it time, money, resources, etc.  For the potential
		 gain that can come to you, this investment is quite

3.  APPLICATION:  There is no such thing as a "FREE LUNCH".  Even this
		  opportunity requires some effort and time.  Every
		  successful venture does.

4.  PATIENCE:  After you have accomplished the steps described, the
	       program requires a little time before showing a good
	       response.  As it enters the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and finally
	       the 4th level of response, there is a time element that
	       to some could be a bit aggravating without giving proper
	       thought to HOW the program works, and it does work!  You
	       must allow 20 to 90 be patient!  "ALL THINGS


Here are a few:
1.  Some believe they can never make big money with anything.
2.  Some believe they will be ridiculed for trying.
3.  Some must be driven, because they can start nothing by, or for
4.  Some are plain lazy!
5.  A few think they will be cheated out of a few dollars.

	What could be your reason for not joining now?
		The system WORKS, if you DO it.

	You have right here in front of you a tried and proven method
to get all of the money you will ever need or want.  If you don't take
the next step you will never get the first dollar.  DO IT NOW!


Basically, this is what we do:

	We sell thousands of people a product for $5.00 that costs us
next to nothing to produce and e-mail.  As with all multi-level 
businesses, we build our business by recruiting new partners and selling
our products.  Every state in the U.S. allows you to recruit new multi-
level business online (with your computer).

	The product in this program is a series of four business and 
financial reports.  Each $5.00 order you recieve by "snail mail" will
include the e-mail address of the sender.  To fill each order, you
simply e-mail the product to the buyer.  THAT'S IT!...the $5.00 is
yours!  This is the GREATEST electronic multi-level marketing business

Let's face it, the profits are worth it!  THEY'RE TREMENDOUS!!!
So go for it.  Remember the 4 points and we'll see YOU at the top!

	******* I  N  S  T  R  U  C  T  I  O  N  S *******

This is what you MUST do:

1.  Order all four reports listed and numbered from the list below.
    For each report send $5.00 CASH, YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS and YOUR
    RETURN POSTAL ADDRESS (incase of a problem) to each person listed.
    When you order, make sure you request each SPECIFIC report.  You
    will need all four reports, because you will be saving them on
    your computer and reselling them.

2.  IMPORTANT--DO NOT alter the names, or their sequence other than
    instructed in this program!  

    Replace the name and address under REPORT #1 with yours, moving
    the one that was there down to REPORT #2.  Move the name and
    address under REPORT #2 to REPORT #3.  Move the name and address
    under REPORT #3 to REPORT #4.  The name and address that was under
    REPORT #4 is dropped off the list and is NO DOUBT on the way to
    the bank.

    When doing this, please make certain you copy everyone's name and
    address ACCURATELY!!!  Also, DO NOT move the Report/Product

3.  Take this entire program text, including the corrected names list,
    and save it on your computer.

4.  Now you're ready to start a massive advertising campaign on the
    WORLDWIDE WEB!  Advertising on the WEB is very, very inexpensive,
    but there are HUNDREDS of FREE places to advertise also.  Another
    avenue which you could use is e-mail mailing lists.  You can buy
    these lists for under $20/1,000 addresses.  START YOUR AD CAMPAIGN


Let's say you decide to start small just to see how it goes.  Assume
your goal is to get 10 people to participate on your first level.
(Placing a lot of FREE ads on the internet could EASILY get a better
response.)  Also assume that everyone else in YOUR BUILDING ORGANIZATION
gets ONLY 10 downline members.  Follow this example for the STAGGERING
results below.

1st level--your 10 members with $5		        $50
2nd level--10 members from those 10 ($5 x 100)  	$500
3rd level--10 members from those 100 ($5 x 1,000)	$5,000
4th level--10 members from those 1,000 ($5 x 10,000)	$50,000
				THIS TOTALS-----------> $55,550

Remember friends, this is assuming that the people who participate
only recruit 10 people each.  Dare to think for a moment what would
happen if everyone got 20 people to participate!  Some people get
100's of recruits!  THINK ABOUT IT!

REMEMBER:  Approx. 50,000 new people get online monthly!


Always send YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS and RETURN POSTAL ADDRESS (incase of any
problems) with $5 CASH (concealed) in your order for each report.  Order
each report by NAME and NUMBER.


		Order this report from:	Ray Ford                 
		                        P.O. Box 80742 
                                        Baton Rouge, LA 70808 USA


		Order this report from:  Randy Head
		                         P.O. BOX 402
                                         Maryville, MO 64468 USA

		Order this report from:  Paul Bilek
                                         P.O. BOX 1150
		                         Harrow, Ontario N0R 1G0 Canada



		Order this report from:  Michael Cline
		                         3401 N. 56th St.
					 Phoenix, Arizona 85018 USA

		*******TIPS FOR SUCCESS*******

so you will have them when the orders start coming in because:
When you recieve a $5 order, you MUST send out the requested product/
report to comply with the U.S. Postal & Lottery Laws, Title 18, 
Sections 1302 and 1341 or Title 18, Section 3005 in the U.S. Code, 
also Code of Federal Regs. vol. 16, Sections 255 and 436, which
state that "a product or service must be exchanged for money recieved."


*  Be patient and persistent with this program.  If you follow the
   instructions exactly the results WILL undoubtedly be SUCCESS!



	The check point that guarantees your success is simply this:
You MUST recieve 10 to 20 orders for REPORT #1!  THIS IS A MUST!  If
you don't within two weeks, advertise more and send out more programs
until you do.  Then, a couple of weeks later you should recieve at
least 100 orders for REPORT #2.  If you don't, advertise more and send
out more programs until you do.  Once you have recieved 100, or more
orders for REPORT #2, YOU CAN RELAX, because you will be on your way
to the BANK!  -OR-  You can DOUBLE your efforts!

REMEMBER:  Everytime your name is moved down on the list you are in
	   front of a DIFFERENT report, so you can KEEP TRACK of
	   your PROGRESS by what report people are ordering from you.

NOTE:  IF YOU NEED HELP with starting a business, registering a 
       business name, how income tax is handled, etc., contact
       your local office of the Small Business Administration
       (a Federal agency) for free help and answers to questions.
       Also, the Internal Revenue Service offers free help via
       telephone and free seminars about business taxes.

	******* T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L  S *******

	This program does work, but you must follow it EXACTLY!
Especially the rule of not trying to place your name in a different
position, it won't work, you'll lose a lot of money.  I'm living
proof that it works.  It really is a great opportunity to make
relatively easy money, with little cost to you.  If you do choose to
participate, follow the program exactly, and you'll be on your way
to financial security.  If you are a fellow Christian and are in
financial trouble like I was, consider this a sign.  I DID!  
					Good Luck & God Bless You,
					Sincerely, Chris Johnson

P.S.  Do you have any idea what 11,700 $5 bills ($58,500) looks
like piled up on the kitchen table?...IT'S AWESOME!

	My name is Frank.  My wife Doris and I live in Bel-Air, MD.
I am a cost accountant with a major U.S. Corporation and I make
pretty good money.  When I recieved the program I grumbled to Doris
about recieving "junk mail"!  I made fun of the whole thing, spouting
my knowledge of the population and percentages involved.  I "knew" it
wouldn't work.  Doris totally ignored my supposed intelligence and
jumped in with both feet.  I made merciless fun of her, and was ready
to lay the old "I told you so" on her when the thing didn't work...
well, the laugh was on me!  Within two weeks she had recieved over 50
responses.  Within 45 days she had recieved over $147,200 in $5 bills!
I was stunned.  I was sure that I had it all figured and that it
wouldn't work...I AM a believer now.  I have joined Doris in her "little"
hobby.  I did have seven more years until retirement, but I think of
the "rat race" and it's not for me...We owe it all to MLM.
					Frank T., Bel-Air, MD

	I just want to pass along my best wishes and encouragement
to you.  Any doubts you have will vanish when your first orders come
in.  I even checked with the U.S. Post Office to verify that the plan
was legal.  It definitely is!  IT WORKS!!!
					Paul Johnson, Raleigh, NC

	This is the only realistic money-making offer I've ever 
recieved.  I participated because this plan truly makes sense.
I was surprised when the $5.00 bills started filling my mail box.
By the time it tapered off I had recieved over 8,000 orders with
over $40,000 in cash.  Dozens of people have sent warm personal
notes too, sharing the news of their good fortunes!  It's been
					Carl Winslow Tulsa, OK

	The main reason for this letter is to convince you that this
system is honest, lawful, extremely profitable, and is a way to get
a large amount of money in a short time.  I was approached several
times before I checked this out.  I joined just to see what one could
expect in return for the minimal effort and money required.  Initially
I let no one in the organization know that I was an attorney and, to my
astonishment, I recieved $36,470.00 in the first 14 weeks, with money
still coming in.
				Sincerely yours, Phillip A. Brown

	This plan works like GANG-BUSTERS!!!  So far I have had 
9,735 total orders...OVER $48,000!!!  I hope I have sparked your
own excitement, if you follow the program exactly, you could have
the same success I have, if not better.  Your success is right around
the corner, but you must do a little work.
					Good Luck!  G. Bank

	Not being the gambling type, it took me several weeks to make
up my mind to participate in this plan.  But conservative that I am
I decided that the initial investment was so little that there was
just no way that I wouldn't get enough orders to at least get my money
back.  Boy I was surprised when I found my medium-size post office box
crammed with orders.  After that it got so over-loaded that I had to 
start picking up my mail at the window.  I'll make more money this
year than any 10 years of my life before.  The nice thing about this
deal is that it doesn't matter where in the U.S. the people live.
There simply isn't a better investment with a faster return.
				Mary Rockland, Lansing, MI

	I had recieved this program before.  I deleted it, but later
I wondered if I shouldn't have given it a try.  Of course, I had no
idea who to contact to get another copy, so I had to wait until I
was e-mailed another program...11 months passed then it came...I 
didn't delete this one!...I made $41,000 on the first try!!
					D. Wilburn, Muncie, IN

	This is my third time to participate in this plan.  We have
quit our jobs, and quite soon we will buy a home on the beach and live
off the interest on our money.  The only way on earth that this plan
will work for you is if you do it.  For your sake, and for your family's
sake don't pass up this golden opportunity.  Remember, when you order
your four reports, SEND CASH.  Checks have to clear the bank and create
too many delays.  Good luck and happy spending!
					Charles Fairchild, Spokane, WA

	Typically when I look at a money-making deal I want to 
know if the company is strong, will it be here when it's time for
my big pay off.  In this crazy thing there is no company intervention
for management to blow it.  Just people like me ordering directly 
from the source!  Interesting...I had a couple of projects I'd been 
trying to fund to no avail so I thought; Why not give it a try?  Well 
2 1/2 weeks later the orders started coming in.  One project is funded 
and I'm sure the other will be soon!
					Marilynn St. Claire, Logan, UT

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