need confirmation of DVD/CSS crack in China ...

Ernest Hua hua at
Tue Aug 26 11:07:47 PDT 1997

Is this true?  Does anyone have confirmation of this crack?  Or is
C/NET being a bit liberal on word choice?


> full article:,4,13651,00.html
> Hundreds of films come to DVD 
> By Michael Kanellos
> August 22, 1997, 4:35 p.m. PT 
> UPDATE A raft of new DVD movies from major Hollywood studios could provide a
> boost to the fledgling digital video disc industry, which has been in dire
> need of more titles. 
> < lines deleted >
> Third, the entertainment industry giants will have to improve and agree on
> an encryption technology. The current 40-bit encryption standard used on DVD
> discs, which is supposed to stop copyright pirates, has already been cracked
> in China. Stronger encryption, however, forces PCs and players to run at a
> crawl. Partially as a result, Fox, Paramount, and Disney have not committed
> to producing materials on DVD, Burdon noted. 
> < lines deleted > 

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