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>John is entitled to brag about the Bernstein decision, but getting the 
>Department of State to "RWA" all of its pending license applications is
>nothing  to brag about.  It cost a lot of companies a lot of money, time,
>and sales while they resubmitted the same applications to the Commerce

>I said at the time that State's advice to crypto exporters in those last
>few  weeks was "Get your tongue out of my mouth, I'm kissing you

>Perhaps the cause of this action was the lawsuit, perhaps it was spite at
>the  crypto exporters who lobbied for a change in jurisdiction, but
>whatever the  cause, it was not a good thing for anybody who is actually
>in the crypto  business.


Well I for one hope the Commerce Dept will deny all applications for
export. It is time that the computer industry combined forced and let the
piggies in DC know that they aren't going to take this shit anymore.

I am curious just who overseas they are selling watered down crypto to
anyhow. Is this information available via Foia? Perhaps we should start a
mailing campagne to these companies of the dangers of using weak crypto
and give them pointers to overseas companies that can provide them with
strong crypto solutions.

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