lack of evolutionary pressures

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> > Subject: Re: lack of evolutionary pressures (was Re: An end to "court appointed attorneys")
> > The evolutionary definition of "competent" is "propagate your genetic 
> > material".  A rough corollary is that those who raise the most children 
> > to child-bearing age are the most competent.
> With all due respect, bullshit. Fecundity is in no way related to long-term
> survival as detailed in the various theories of Neo-Darwinian evolution or
> in actual studies. 

Note that I didn't say "fecundity".  And note also that I said "rough
corollary".  Furthermore, it is simply false to state that "fecundity
is in no way related etc etc".  A dominant gene that causes a fecundity of
zero, for example, will not propagate.


> Also note that Mayr has a new book out (about a year old I believe) that
> covers some of the most recent changes of the punctuated-equilibria and
> neo-darminian camps.

Thanks -- I will look into it.  I know of Dr Mayr's work from other 
sources, but I didn't know he had a new book out.

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