Forbes article on Financial Cryptography is coming

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Tue Aug 26 08:34:53 PDT 1997

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Robert Hettinga wrote:

> It's out. Sameer made the cover of Forbes with a picture captioned "This
> man wants to overthrow the government".

If that is the case, he better hurry.  "the government" will be obsoleted
in about a decade :).  On the other hand, he probably has been more
persistent in the US than anyone else in hurrying this process of planned

Marx's dialectic said the government would disappear after everything was

Cypherpunk's dialectic says the government will disappear after technology
leaves it behind as an old relic of a barbaric past next to the divine
right of kings.

If there is a serpent in the new garden, it is that then we *MUST* govern
ourselves - personally, and individually, and I don't know how many are
capable of living virtuously.  But at least the virtuous won't be taxed to
subsidize the vicious.

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