Commerce Department encryption rules declared unconstitutional

John Young jya at
Tue Aug 26 07:15:17 PDT 1997

Declan wrote:
>I think that's about right. One of the important questions was how broadly
>Patel would rule, whether her ruling would apply just to Bernstein &
>associates or whether she would enjoin the government from enforcing
>ITAR/EAR at all.
>Unfortunately, she chose the former. But look on the bright side: her
>narrow decision may be less likely to be reversed, no?

Does this not shift now to Peter Junger's suit: same issues, broader
challenge, same opposing arguments? Did Patel rule narrowly in
Bernstein to set the stage for the broader case in the works?

BTW, is there a suit being readied to follow Peter's? Karn II? PRZ 6.0?

What say, Peter, Lee, Cindy, Phil, Phil, Anthony et al?

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