Some Easy Money !

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Tue Aug 26 06:57:08 PDT 1997

Some Easy Money !

Here's a very easy little program that I got into.  Should be very easy to
get my investment back and much more.

My sponsor in just a couple days has gotten 94 responses back and they are
each worth $10.

You send just $10 to 5 people and to Power Page.  Your total cost is $60.

For every person you sign up and everyone they sign up for 5 levels, you'll
earn $10.

The nice thing is that the people send it directly to you.  You don't have
any company in between that cuts you  a check when they decide to.  It
comes immediately.

Sponsor as many people as you like.  Sponsor 100 and earn $1000.  If each
of them just sponsors 1, that would be another $1000 for you. Sign up one
person who can do that and he/she could sign up 100 or 1000 earning you
$1000 or $10,000.)

For the money you get software for creating web-pages.  It's designed for
the novice.  You also get the web-space to put it up.  

Your  website you will get even keeps track for you of how many hits you
get and who has signed up so you can watch for those $10 checks coming in
the mail.

mailto:jp at

For detailed information please send an empty 
message to my autoresponder mailto:jpr at 

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