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Mon Aug 25 15:29:48 PDT 1997

On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, ? the platypus {aka David Formosa} wrote:

> Ok I'll take this slowly
> 1) All of humanity is equaliy human
> 2) If someone is made less then human then we all become less human by
> that amount
> For esample if Alice, Bob and Paul all have say 10 units of humanity.  Now
> Paul shoves a plunger up Bobs datehole,  we could say that Paul should
> have 5 units of humanity.  By rule one every body else is now also 5
> units.

Maybe I am too slow brained (ha!) Lemme get your model straight - and it
is your model:

Okay, so now everyone is down to 5 units.  Now say that Joe takes a
plunger to Bob as well and everyone is down yet another 5 points,
therefore all humans, including both Alice and Bob are down to zero points
making them all inhuman.

At this point the perpetrator, uninvolved and the victim are all

In the above case, Alice is uninvolved, yet in your model she is now
inhuman.  Further, poor Bob is left with two punctures to his butthole and
is deemed inhuman as well?  Well, that's certainly equal treatment for
victim, perpetrator and uninvolved.  Given X humanity points to all humans
and given over more than 4,000,000 years of existance, I'd say we'd all be
in the negative humanity points by now.

Solution to your model in trying to keep Humanity Points:

Now if Bob pulled out a gun and humanely put both Paul and Joe out of
Bob's misery, humanity's humanity points wouldn't be effected.  Thus in
your model, killing all the perpetrators (in a humane way of course,
without malice) would solve the problem.  Better yet, humanely nuke
everyone off the planet, that way nobody can possibly commit any crimes,
thus keeping humanity points constant.

Sorry, I don't accept your model as it is clearly invalid.  Are you
begining to see how silly this is, or do I need to send the toilet plunger
troops after you?  :)

> As you can planly see assining humanitiy and inhumanity is a pointless
> esasize.

So quit trying to push these silly assed morality models on us already.
You came up with this shit, I've twice more than clearly shown you how
silly it is.  Give up already and quit bothering us with illogical

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