Welfare / Norplant

Blanc blancw at cnw.com
Mon Aug 25 15:22:42 PDT 1997

Peter Trei wrote:

>This scheme:
>* Targets young women who would be likely to become 'welfare
>  mothers'. The parents of such young women would be highly
>  motivated to have their dependent daughters participate.

Perhaps so.   But it reminds me of a statement I heard in the movie "The
Last of the Mohicans":

"Sir, I would rather be guilty of the most grievous error of judgement,
than forfeit authority over my decisions." 

I don't think it wise to encourage young women to allow themselves to be
swayed to move in directions which others prepare for them.   It would be
of greater benefit - to them primarily and secondarily to their community -
that they be instructed on matters of Life in the Real World, and on the
manner of strengthening their resolve against any kind of external
persuasions.   This would include the sexual advances of males who have no
plans to deal with the consequences of their impregnations. 


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