BXA Meet in Portland OR

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Mon Aug 25 14:58:20 PDT 1997

Lee Tien wrote:

>We discussed the IEEPA issues to some extent in our briefs in Bernstein as
>well, in case anyone cares.  The gov't also discussed them, opposing our
>position.  I don't keep track of which briefs are on the EFF website, but I
>assume they're both up now.

I'd like to applaud all those who've been working on this legal hack for
years now, keeping flatfeet to fire. For mind-opening, hard-headed reading, 
in addition to Froomkin and Bernstein, see the briefs on Karn and Junger, 
see Gilmore's files, study all the crypto sites which show the depth of
that has often had to be ripped out of the government'g tight paws still 
fiercely resisting loss of control over "the national interest."

Tim's "crazy man" threat, artfully delineated in his CA Manifesto and 
Cyphernomicon, who might just do what "rational minds" won't, is also to 
be admired for reminding the insiders that not everyone abides the rules 
of the court when they are not wisely applied for this time and these newly 
divergent, even anarchic, interests. Read Tim for inspiration when the
briefs numb, then go back and study the briefs some more, and you'll
see that they don't read the same, there's more fire there than appears
at first glance, then return to Tim and see that, well, god damn, so that's 
what he's saying and we've not been really hearing. Shit, he's crazier, the 
briefs are crazier, the government's crazier than rational minds can
bear to believe.

When you can't take them any more, read Duncan Frissell, and freak with
terrible understanding that the world you've long thought solid and, forever
around to complain about and blame, may be crumbling, that we're going to
be wholly on our own to fight the monsters.

Beware, though, you may suddenly want the gov to endure.

Too late, the angry power-infected lab rats are loose, AP bent.

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