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Adam Shostack adam at
Mon Aug 25 14:21:53 PDT 1997

Lucky Green wrote:

| I am sure the university will make an exception to the rule once a $1M
| check for the regents arrives. The Internet idealists are your base for any
| distributed crack. But the cracks that come next are too complex to be
| performed by just your base. As in an election, you have to reach beyond
| your base to win. The students can show their solidarity. It will require
| tempting cash offers before large scale distributed cracks can suck cycles
| from the millions of computers in other environments.

	Large numbers of small wins may be more likely to draw in
cycles than single large prizes.  This is because as a small player
I'll go after the $100 prize that I can win daily over the $1M prize
that I can win yearly.  The odds against the $1M prize are too high.

	There were two companies at Crypto talking about this sort of
business model, software to ship by year end.


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