BXA Meet in Portland OR

Lee Tien tien at well.com
Mon Aug 25 13:55:12 PDT 1997

We discussed the IEEPA issues to some extent in our briefs in Bernstein as
well, in case anyone cares.  The gov't also discussed them, opposing our
position.  I don't keep track of which briefs are on the EFF website, but I
assume they're both up now.

Lee Tien

At 8:22 AM -0800 8/25/97, John Young wrote:
>Michael Foomkin has reviewed the legal gounds for continuing the
>"national emergency" undergirding the repeatedly extended period
>for not legislating up-to-date export regulations. To put off the fight
>to pass a new law, every August, as done a few days ago
>(http://jya.com/eo081997.txt), the presiding president issues an
>executive order under the International Emergency Economic Power Act
>(IEEPA) extending the national emergency initially declared
>during what appeared to be a genuine national threat decades ago.
>It is these series of orders that legalize the EARs, and a lot more,
>so I read, beyond our decryption of the state/mil/com multi-level DMS.
>See Michael's site for more on IEEPA and much more A-1 crypto-legal
>stuff at:
>   http://www.law.miami.edu/~froomkin/froomkin.html

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