Lab willing to sell "bunker buster" technology

Tim May tcmay at
Mon Aug 25 12:06:44 PDT 1997

John [please keep this private, OK?],

Your spilling the beans about my work on stuff a lot more powerful than
ordinary munitions is possibly dangerous to our work.

You said:

At 9:22 AM -0700 8/25/97, John Young wrote:

>Now we turn the target-finder over to Mr. Tim May and those
>anonymees worldwide who wish to ... lock and load, wait, not guns,
>even more powerful munitions to penetrate through thick skulls
>who are convinced they're the smartest bastards on earth with
>the biggest CPUs run by tiniest algos to prove it.

These even more powerful munitions are not quite ready for distribution or
use, yet. I contacted via Blacknet one of the main developers of  SBER
(Synthetic Bond Energy Release) pyrophoric explosives, and he/she is
willing to sell what the Lab has developed for a bit more than what the
Russkies, practically starving down there at the SBER facility in
Yukutzagorodok. It's certainly a lot easier driving over the hill than
making the run through TJ to Ankara and then up to Yukutz, even with the
new passport.

Those "bunker busters" will be a valuable addition to our arsenal. Sort of
make McVeigh look like a weenie.

But the guy at the Lab is talking about leaving and working for one of the
Valley companies, just as you so presciently described, so we have to move

I think modelling our efforts after the "DES Crack" could help raise the
funds needed to buy this technology. We could call it the "White House


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