FCPUNX:Socio-Economic Cults (Re: CypherPunk Cults)

Bill Stewart stewarts at ix.netcom.com
Mon Aug 25 12:03:55 PDT 1997


At 07:03 AM 8/23/97 -0700, James A. Donald wrote:
>Use the beef futures tactic:   Somebody placed a bet on beef going up.  
>If it goes up, it was Tim's offshore corporation that bet on it.  If it
>goes down, it was Tim that bet on it.  Gee, it seems that Tim has had
>a run of bad luck in his gambling on the futures market.

Or you get sued for libel by an Anguillan investment consulting company,
and have to settle out of court.  I just hate it when that happens.
(You might need to set up a US branch for your Anguillan company first...)

(That approach has been used in at least one case to work around
anti-freedom-of-speech (er, campaign finance reform) laws.)

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