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Bill Stewart stewarts at
Mon Aug 25 11:56:39 PDT 1997

>> Nope, I didn't. Nowhere is the Constitution does it say that citizens 
>> have a right to welfare money. The State is free to make virtually
>> anything not expressly prohibited by the Constitution a condition 
>> for providing welfare.

>Go read the 10th. The state is NOT (I say again, NOT) allowed to
>do anything not expressly allowed because the Constitution is a clear
>refutation of this sort of thinking.

One can contend that the Con also doesn't particularly permit income
redistribution; "providing for the general welfare" wasn't really
precisely defined...  

The 10th does also acknowledge the right of the states to do whatever
their people will let them, subject to the rights of the people (also
not precisely defined) and the powers delegated by the states to the Feds
in the Con.

>In case you haven't caught the clue, people don't belong to the government.
Y'all appear to be violently agreeing on that point.

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