Peter Trei trei at
Mon Aug 25 09:49:14 PDT 1997

> From:          Mix <mixmaster at>
> To:            cypherpunks at

> The optional penis smiled as the blue arc-phase
> crossed the scamper gap.  There were many of us 
> who felt gloved by the discharge, as if irradiated
> with baby milk powder.

> Later, the arc-monster cried quietly in the 
> humming chair, whilst remaining still enough 
> for the scamper gloves to plunge authoritatively.

> - A'Tak A'Tdorn

I assume that messages of this type are some form of 
steganographic communication. I just wish that they 
were in alt.anonymous.messages: here they are just 
noise to most of us (though I suspect John Young 
parses them just fine :-).

At least they're more entertaining than Platypus'
'agraphic typo' technique.

Peter Trei

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