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Mon Aug 25 09:31:51 PDT 1997

At 10:41 AM 8/25/97 -6, Peter Trei wrote:
>Interestingly, many of the European workers looked on the monetary 
>award with disdain - they participated 'to show Internet user 
>solidarity', and other such reasons. Also, many were using university
>owned machines, and were legally constrained from accepting money 
>earned from their use.

I am sure the university will make an exception to the rule once a $1M
check for the regents arrives. The Internet idealists are your base for any
distributed crack. But the cracks that come next are too complex to be
performed by just your base. As in an election, you have to reach beyond
your base to win. The students can show their solidarity. It will require
tempting cash offers before large scale distributed cracks can suck cycles
from the millions of computers in other environments.

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