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     August 24, 1997
     Web posted at: 8:31 p.m. EDT (0031 GMT)
     HAMPTON, Virginia (CNN) -- Four pupils have been charged with
     felonies for allegedly planning to poison their fifth-grade teacher
     with a mixture of oils, soaps and household cleaners.
     The two boys and two girls, now ages 10 and 11, were charged as
     juveniles Friday with attempting to poison and conspiracy to commit
     a felony, said Jeff Walden, spokesman for the Hampton Police
     Department. The names of the youngsters and the teacher were
     On January 15, a classmate overheard the four pupils discussing ways
     to kill their teacher, and told school authorities, Walden said. The
     principal confronted each pupil and found one carrying a glass vial
     containing a liquid that allegedly was to be used to poison the
     teacher's food.
     The four weren't charged until now, because authorities had to wait
     for laboratory test results, police said. The tests indicated the
     mixture would have made the teacher sick, but would not necessarily
     have killed her.
     The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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