Church of Cryptology

Anonymous nobody at REPLAY.COM
Mon Aug 25 06:41:01 PDT 1997

The Church of Cryptology, established by Brother D'Shauneaux in 1919,
resents the attempts of the U.S. government to criminalize our most
closely held religious beliefs.
Cryptography is well documented in the Bible, from the Tower of Babel
to talking in tongues, and any infringement on our right to communicate
in tongues constitutes religious oppression.

Accordingly, the Church of Cryptology would like to acknowledge those
who have suffered persecution in their efforts to spead cryptology as
Saints for the Holy Cause. The Primary Religious Elected Zeus, our
current leader, would like to assure all Cypherpunks that they will
be granted special dispensation for any acts of Holy War they perform
in the cause of strong encryption.

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